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Well of Sorrows

I live in a well of blackest sorrows
that color all of my tommorows
Webbed in hurts I cannot forget,
they plague and haunt me yet

Just when sleep takes me away,
dreams come of some awful day
Some fist that comes from hell,
adding to the sorrows in my well

Lost children who ostracize me
for abuse, though I got myself free
Their memories darkened and cold
accompany me as I grow old

Crippled and bound to a wheelchair,
I pray I will wake and see them there
Faces longed for, but not once seen
play on a lonely old woman’s screen

Soon I will die and Heaven’s arms
will soothe me from my life’s harm
Maybe I will dance again in joy
when I see my sweet girl and boy

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  1. This is so very precious, and so very sad. This is a very powerful and profound write. Thank you for sharing

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