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mild lies

i see the shadows
crawling behind my eyes
stalling out normal sight
hauling away my rational mind
losing love without a fight

just relax,
now jump inside,
it’s gonna be fun,
just trust in me
we’ll go for a wild ride
and you can trust me-

close your eyes
down that bottle
drown your mind
look in the glass
cower at what we find
glaring shrine
reluctantly i’m
cluttering random words
trying to solve a puzzle
that’s left me here
the last one dying
last one crying
i was the only one hiding-

catastrophies cyclone
my head
leaving me alone
with broken promises
that i bled
you fed
my loneliness
like the beast that it is
and now
the feast begins-

lock a door
lose the key
fight endlessly
lose tooth and knee
i heard the screams
from miles away
but nothing means
anything to me-

you spilt my tea
and looked at me
eyes filled with hatred
your words filled with pity
my love,
it seems we speak
on repeat-

i’m calling sleep
i lost the sheep
you can call me
lil bo peep
you’re a broken record
i’m the scratch
in your cd
the broken banner
forgotten by
welcoming committee
please leave,
the jealousy has
begun to breed
jaded feelings planted
the seed-

teeth are shining with a sheen
you smiled with a glean
please look at me
with envy
i live my life
tricking my own sight
with loose sleeves
crafting lies
i suppose it’s my demise
that i seek-

rotten apples
rotten teeth
rotten shackles
rotten feast
do you feel complete
mouth’s always craving
new sweets
i’m waving you down
no shoes on my feet
rolling down the black concrete
why am i so un-unique
lackluster love
i feel set up
is nothing ever enough-

focus on your black tears
focus on your endless fears
focus on your oily heart
focus on how you tore us apart

lose a life
don’t you fight
we got the knife-
i finally cut it off right.

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  1. Your signature style always brimming with powerful emotion. I believe I hadnt read a piece of yours since the old poetfreak. Thank you for the journey down memory lane

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