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I’d sacrifice my own happiness,

to see you smile and laugh.

It’s worth more than words.

I’d make myself miserable,

if it kept you from feeling worthless.


You say I should say something,

if I’m not content.

Every time I tried to speak,

you’d strangle me,

till I choked on the letters.


I’ll be your second choice.

Your punching bag,

and your pick-me-up.

Your happiness is mine.

Even if I don’t feel a thing.

I’m lying to you,

which is a crime.

I’m lying to myself,

which is  a murder.


I’m cannibalistic, eat my own heart.

Watch as you take me apart.

I want you to be happy.

I’d ruin myself,

to see you smile.

And I’d convince myself,

that you are the one,

who’ll make me happy.


For your happiness,

is mine.

I give it all,

for you to be happy,

I’d lose it all,

to be happy.






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