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Chosen From Inside

Poetry comes on to thee a vacant toward my fantasy willing to cut the cheese
we stand upright in its make believe what we are willing to achieve please me
ever so often the Willow leaves begs pardon from thee a soul spread indeed
sharing is for caring wit all of life learning each word repairing under cover brother
shades of grey in its simple spread way thoughts of Richard Pryor lone beg desire
love is the foundation beg to differ in crowds of gathering together in ovation
tumble timber leave spread across the Willow tree born to please from me

there’s a sign of outstanding habitation in some tied up exaggeration..,
left alone sitting who are you interested in above the fallen leaves
balanced from forgiven shapes spread abroad its fate look to see
look to the sun to let you get by very often it’s a substance to make you get high
Stay humble to the simple broad ovation popped its pimple making things simple

chosen inside wild type of its frozen lead all but together the mild treasure
a vehicle ventures…
gather on in a simple song as we carry on

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