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Neccessary addict introspection

Im sad to say, my birthday is coming up and I’m a tad afraid. See I’m turning 21, and my addictions, almost by law all will be made acceptable… in a way. DC found that using weed is PC and of course the USA will always say IPA’s are a wonderful way to turn a frown upside down at the end of the day. The “I could have one’s” turn into the “I could have two’s” and before you know it I’m buried in booze singing the blues. I like being sober, I like the control, I like when my goals remain in my hold. But, I like the buzz, I like the release, I just despise the fact those turn into needs. I always say, “maybe when I’m older I’ll handle my craves,” ya know, “maybe one of those days.” It just ain’t gonna happen, once an addict always an addict and so it will stay.

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  1. boy do I relate to this. sobriety is not only possible, but within your reach. best wishes…

  2. Good thought here and a good write, like IPA’s myself, but yeah I’d much rather be sober and in control of myself at least.

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