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For a Mother

A scar is…
The one on the mother’s womb when she delivers the baby
Or the ones which she holds on her mind when she is kept aloof…think about it!

A smile is…
When she wears it all the time after the daily chores in her extraordinary perfection
Or the ones which she still holds when she is not even credited the success of her son or daughter’s pride… think about it!

A pain is…
The one when she would be physically hurt or unwell
Or the ones in which she feels helpless to take care of her blood running in the veins of her generation…think about it!

An endless… boundless… speechless…but nevertheless,
A truthful…beautiful…skillful…is what this soul is!
My words don’t limit her appreciation because her life is beyond it…
It is to every mother or mother to be…
The courage which holds you today at this apex is blissful
No certified bonds can judge her value as she is always worthful!

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