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“please i beg you with my ring” be my valentine…

as soon as we marry one of us gets shot
im so sorry im a fuck up an a lost cause
all i ever wanted was to be loved by you
it gives me seizures nausea an nightmares
i cant even look myself in the mirror an smile
you dont love me so i have nothing to live for
this is the slowest tortureous death in history
i beg you to rape me because thats the only way
theres two sides to the story an i dont know both
your gentle smell touch words an warmth cure me
without you i am a washed up loser with no life
i have never been loved an its the most painful feeling
i cried so much i dont cry anymore i just stop breathing
drugs dont work i cant get you off of my mind its crazy
what have i ever done to god an you to live with this burdon
im ashamed at all mankind every human is ugly an ignorant
lies an deceate no moral heart or faith its all gone in thought
you are letting me rott away when im all you want
you are rotting away when you are all i want
i care about you so deeply i wish there was a way around it
please forgive me my love
i am your slave suffocate me with your essence
leave your aroma fuck me to death

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