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Some Sad Dark Secret

‘Temper your enthusiasm,’

She said,

‘The extremes of your reactions;

You should have

A more conventional frame

On which to hang

Your unconventionality.’

‘Don’t push people,’

She said,

‘You make yourself vulnerable.’


Was I was hiding

Some sad

Dark secret from the world?


She told me not to rhapsodise,

That it would be difficult,

Impossible, perhaps,

For me to harness my dynamism.

The tone of my work,

She said,

Is often a little dubious.

She said

She thought

That there was something wrong.


As if I was hiding

Some sad

Dark secret from the world.

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  1. She gave you quite an evaluation, hopefully she was close to you
    and not just an acquaintance giving you unwanted advice.

    • Hi Lumiere, she was my university tutor, and something of a mentor to me, we were close for a time, sadly she has since passed away, I read a tribute to her at her funeral. I never forgot her.

  2. In that case I’d say, she was qualified to give you that advice.
    Sorry to hear, may she rest in peace.

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