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Silently Beautifull

So softly she steps through the greenery, her footfalls light as shadow, making not a sound on the damp earth. Tiny hooves, so nimble, gingerly maneuver over the slight terrain. So very still remains the foliage she trods upon, that nature doesn’t seem to notice her presence. Her world is observed through eyes like that of a ghost, looking so gently as she turns her speckled head to glance at me. Her gaze is a sensation like a feather just brushing against my cheek, and a shiver runs down my spine like water. I watch, motionless as she turns on legs like willow boughs towards the sheltering trees of the forest, and disappears as completely as if she was never here. Perhaps she wasn’t. Perhaps her chestnut coat and amber eyes, her shadow hooves and nimble legs were all products of my own imagination, figments of my mind. But even then, does that make her any less real?

Her footfalls light as shadow,

Her gait makes not a sound,

Tiny hooves on autumn leaves,

Silent doe on silent ground.

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  1. Real good, thought this was about a horse at first thinking it could be about observing a deer as well, either way it was nicely imaged and I liked that line about a shiver running down the spine like water.

    • thank you! i tried to let people decide what it was they were looking at until the very end, just because poetry can be read so many different ways and with so many different interpretations, and i think that’s sort of the beauty of it

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