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Grey Sky City

Maybe seldom to indulge in a warm sun,

leastwise here I can level with everyone……….and myself.

In a realm of ice and fire, of mortar and of metal,

denizens here all have a score to settle………..with themselves.

Never before have I imagined being in such a place,

persevering through sheer will and an unseen grace……….for ourselves.

Under grey skies

Where we march to our mercurial beat,

on streets not of gold, but broken concrete.

Sequestered here in this arcane room,

our tiny paradise spells another ones doom.

Here only a touch of evil negates push and shove.

This may blow your mind and burn your eyes,

yet here I feel only love.

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  1. Eli Eli

    I really like the flow/rhyming in this verse. The sentiment/meaning is not to bad either!

    • Thanks for noticing, I try to get a rhythm. The catalyst for this was I watched some videos about Norilsk, Russia. Thanks for reading.

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