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A Say on Introvert

I have an amazing attachment aching my heart
But I am shy and silent while all are on dart

I dreamt to claim myself clear and considered
I am judged as a protector by a person of prospects
But that’s ain’t my wish nor willingness to bound by those aspects

But stand in a situation where my words are still and slaughtered
I am assumed to be cold and need to be cuddled
But inside I am strong and hard to be huddled

Those people judge me through my silence
That I am not the one to be a part of their turbulence

Why this disclaimer
Why this failure
Is one forbidden to visualise, symbolize and mesmerize
Why not be taken liberal rather than analyse

A message to one and a message to all

Avoid being an inspectorate to an introvert because its not your call
They are into every you even if you suspect they aren’t
They have dignified themselves where in you still haven’t…

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