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What a twisted way to go behind someone’s back

Talk about your relationship with another guy.

Let him kiss you on your forehead and hug on you like you have no shame.

You dead wrong for lying and hiding the truth.

Your man stuck beside you when folks would say she doing you wrong.

He brushed it off and took up for you.

You did it for two years and kept it a secret.

I promise I regret it.

I just thought you can’t be that perfect I know he is doing something.

I let my friends get in my head saying you isn’t the person you think he is.

But now you can’t trust me at all and I don’t blame you.

You always been blunt even if the truth hurts.

So why did I lied and make you look like a fool.

Its not an excuse but when you find the guy and he seems to be too perfect.

Like in your past all you deal with is guys that just use you.

Mentally abuse you for just that one thing and go about they business.

You put a wall up or maybe its just me you will beat them to the punch.

Now I’m looking all shook baby girl you cause it on yourself, but the question is how do I fix it.

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  1. This is really amazing. its like each line is its own story, yet still flow together into this beautifull piece. please excuse my poof spelling and punctuation.

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