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Unreachable Pain

I’m sitting around on the bathroom floor crying my eyes out again

Sadly this is the third time this week

I’m staring at the cabinet dying to get some aspirin to relieve this pain

I want to get up but afraid to fall again

I want to slam my head on the floor to help rid of this pain

It’s hard to describe other than it burns like fire

Leaving me on the floor crying from the pain

I finally raise myself to the counter to get some aspirin I got to get four but seven falls out

I’m so tempted to just down the whole bottle, but I can’t

I don’t know if it’s fear, the one thing keeping me alive.

Or if it’s thinking about others around me knowing what would happen to them if I left

No matter what happens I got to stay strong

I got to stay strong for them

Even when I feel like the world is crumbling down

I know I’ll get better so I put the bottle down

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  1. Eli Eli

    Gotta stay strong for them is a thought I’m sure has saved many…

  2. POWERFUL AND SO PERSONAL. I’ve been there. Poets are sensitive souls aren’t they? I stick around too, sometimes unwillingly, for the reasons you so passionately stated, but also because life is SO INTERESTING, I’m afraid I might miss something. Best wishes to you from a fellow sufferer. Thank you for sharing. You ain’t alone.

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