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Arose A Savior

There a savior arose

He came out from the city of marble, gold and steel

Ventured to the country to proclaim his new deal

Once he started to roll, he went like a greased wheel

And the folks they took him, yes they took him for real

He toured the villages and the gold and green fields

Saying, “Listen people, to my vision you should yield.”

“For I’ll be your buckler, I’ll be your shield.”

And the folks they took him, yes they took him for real

So with gladness and dancing, him they did receive

Because them surely, surely he would not deceive

But alas he did, himself too and now both they grieve

“What have we done?” cried the folks, “Is there a reprieve?”

But then came an epiphany and another savior arose

She’s as fresh as a newborn, as pretty as a rose

Him she will fight, that first savior she will oppose

She will lead them down a new road, the folk they did suppose

And with gladness and dancing her they did receive

Becuase them surely, surely she would never deceive

But alas she did, herself too and now they both grieve

Repeat, Replay, Repeat.

The End

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  1. Eli Eli

    Maybe the only savior is meant to be ourselves… hmm, repeat, replay repeat springs to mind.

    • Yeah, just kind of a hidden commentary on current events. Thanks for reading.

  2. You’d think they learn after a few repeats. I guess some
    will wake up but the majority don’t even see this.

    • Thanks for reading Lumber, really just a commentary on mindsets and current events.

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