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Words Words Words…

The ancient snake befriends my friends,
priests, neighbors, teachers and presidents…
Casually speaking, maybe even me.

The days I thought I knew
-that tight-lipped is
the hardest thing to be.

Words, words, words…
that chant to the drum of the elite
while lost dogs hunger in the streets
caressing bloody wounds amongst the blind.
A drunken man lies asleep
while I lose my mind
and ask,
Where the hell am I?

First published on August 21, 2011

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  1. Eli Eli

    Everything is so confusing, in this life. I wonder if it has always been that way? I’m currently working in India and I gotta say, damn, I’m even more confused. All I know at the moment is that there are so many more people out there who are worse off than you and me and a whole lot of other people.

  2. How interesting to be in India. I can imagine the business there and confusion
    and that’s just from what I see in the internet. Thanks for the input, take care
    and enjoy your experience there.

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