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Life Wasted, Life Lived

Two men sit at separate desks in separate rooms.  They have only three sheets of snow-white paper each, to do whatever they please with. The first man looks at his small amount of paper, and panics. How can he create something beautiful with such little space? He decides that he will cut each paper in two, so that he will have six pieces.  He does this, and sees that he can have even more pieces if he cuts the paper in two again. So he does this again. And again. The other man simply takes up his pen and writes a story. He puts his soul in his pen and creates beautiful words, each one like a monument to his spirit. When the men leave, the first has nothing but a pile of shredded paper, useless. The second has strung his paper with sentences like lace, a treasure if there ever was one.

Now as you go forth to write your story, bare in mind that you can’t change the fact that you will run out of pages, so make the most of that which you have.

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