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My First Time

It was dark , damp and cold

On this quiet stretch of road

I  saw a body up  ahead

It looked like it was dead

This body and were alone

Excitedly i took it home

Laid it out on the table

My thoughts were,was i able

Doubting my ability

Creeping insecurity

I had to be bold

Before it got cold

Grabbed hold of a knife

It had already lost it`s life

Made a decision

To make an incision

A cut here, a twist there

All of it done with great care

A cut , a nip ,a tuck

Would it be easy  no such luck

Concentration and a furrowed brow

Nearly finished,not long now

Working off the light of the candlebra

Suppose it looked quite macabre

This creature had already drawn it`s last breath

It was time for me to create beauty in death

This act that night was`nt a crime

You see i`m aTaxidermist and this was my first time.


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  1. Oh! I was wondering were you were going with this.
    Thanks for sharing.

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