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Sliced me open

I used to dream of slicing
Myself from head to toe,
Hoping out my skin
And giving life a proper go.

But as I have so sadly learnt,
One cannot escape them selves;
But they sure as hell can numb the of pain
With whatever’s on the shelves.

When you are an United degenerate
You cannot con habituate long
At first you’re fun and breezy
Then things go horrifically wrong

Days locked in bed
Too paralysed to say hello
Missing out on flat mate dinners
Allowing the rift to grow

It is not until you are placed
Amongst a group of normal people
That you realise your head is cracked
And what oozes out is lethal

The funny thing is i didn’t realise
Anything was amiss
But looking back in retrospect
Each day came with a new crisis

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