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There is a girl who lives in a monochrome world,
where everything is grim.

Each day she attempts to add some colour,
But all she adds is sin.

Forgetting the vibrancy of yellow,
and even the red of rage,
She pours her drink and cuts her line
that keeps her in this cage.

And to anyone left to listen,
Still willing to hear her cry,
She will habitually complain
and always ask them why?

Why has life been unfair?
And left her high and dry
Why is everyone succeeding when she would
Rather die?

And every time she spills her plight
It is made abundantly clear,

No one threw her down the rabbit hole,
She made her own way here.

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  1. Art Art

    You’re very talented, sounds so natural.
    Social media is often a platform for people to show their best, but in reality, most every one is hurting and confused in this world….
    Your unique struggles will make for some pretty incredible testimonies of personal victories! The harder a challenge, the larger the celebration at the end. “Keep moving forward”-Meet the Robinsons lol

  2. You are so gifted with precise words, great rhyme and amazing clarity of thought that puts an arrow in the center of the target every time you seem to write something. However, the topics are very hard to read and it’s hard to believe that someone could feel like the words. Is this really a picture of what is inside of your life? It seems to defy your being attractive and your brilliance in the use of the poetic license you use. If it’s all true, then I wish for you something much better in life! You, and who you are are worth it!

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