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Rain That Hasn’t Fallen

So many words unwritten,

So many songs not sung,

So much rain that hasn’t fallen,

So many springs that haven’t sprung,

So much that hasn’t happened,

So much we’ve not yet done,

So much that we’re still waiting for,

So much that’s yet to come.

There are hearts for you to move,

There are stories left to write,

There are mountains left to move,

There are battles left to fight,

So don’t throw away the future,

For some shit that’s happening now.


(pardon my language, I never curse but deemed it necessary to achieve the desired effect)

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  1. It’s fine, like the repetition, it gives a cadence to it. Don’t worry about the profanity, there’s much worse in other mediums.

  2. Your words flow here like a river and then at the end it all hits a “DAMM” but it leaves your point well taken and I enjoyed the pen in your hand! ; )

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