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The Very Beautiful Bread

You are the farmers of manna

you give us the very beautiful bread

you throw the creative grains

you sew them and water them.


And yes we partake of this bread

it nourishes our lives

it gives us shared experience

washing away the confusion.


You cannot stop this you must not

lest we starve from marshmallow food

and empty calorie pop tart talking

rotten teeth and dead minds.


Yes and some of your crop will be rotten

this is not an easy undertaking

you will miss the mark, wanton

you will be naive in your courage.

I beseech you then, start anew.


Thanks, you brave worders

you have to fertilize the crop with hazards

taken in backwater dark places

and water it with your tears and love.


Share with me your full grained bread

and spread your seeds of inspired gall

the air is heavy with stupidity


And I hunger.



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  1. Had me thinking poetry but also free press and open journalism as well.

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