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Unrelenting Force

The vast expanse of voided reality,
Flashes of interchangeable lights
Darting through and out from an indistinguishable chasm,
The chasm, a vagueness, a relative of unreality.

A swatch page of colors unnamed, unseen by a naked eye,
Blue but not blue, red but not red, a yellow but not yellow.
The flashes of distant lights flicker in and out,
The flickering exponentially increasing,
No longer appears to be flickering,

Bright light, though nothing the more visible,
The light is darker than the darkest darkness,
The soul being propelled through an unobservable tunnel,
Going straight through a twirling cavern.

In the end, a face, imprinted in empty space.
No eyes, just a great luminance instead,
The flutter of lashes a typhoon of dragonfly-sized sparks,
An instant of clarity, which is suddenly stolen back by uncertainty,

The face, in a sudden tremor of flesh, now has its mouth agape,
Inside is nothing more than more nothingness,
Freewill vanquishes a force pulls the soul forward,
The mouth closes and consumes the wandering soul

More light but more nothingness.

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