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“If I Dont Say It Then Who Will”

yosemite, yosemite!!! when the sirens go off with a bang, let the trumpets reighn an then comes the rein, ferror of beings, king collossal!!! so much fear the pain will preach, then the label attracts with a gov collapse time will cease, GOD will elapse from seize, soo seizure!!!!

fuck the diplomats, fuck that dirty prick puffy, forget them fugees, throw it down no pun intended!!! indeed i might achieve heavy freight with heaven gates, bill gates an alabama!!! money on my mind gotta satellite in space widda heat sensor looking down, lazer beamin that’ll take over the world!!!

bodies, illuminatic sanctions, hobbies, gravel an paint make the women faint!!! cant compete so its my treat, welcome to the life of the great backin!!! super power, super human, making gravity electricfy… poppin these trycromes handeling dice folds, so much dough call me pinky, hoe sticky!!!

i said it once, woman ill say it again, 15 billion cash ain it thats nothing… 5 miles deep where i keep, underground castle, let the flood gates go, flood zone, might miss, got a miss, dont miss!!! i hit an keep gettin, i get it at it more then benjamin, 1 count n out knock floyd may out…

super junction, my tugg goes tougher then the bible,  count sheep so i sleep, wifey wait!!! i cant, im the man on these fields, in these pens with the many mens, henns, bitchs n bottles!!! i smoke that hood grip… i invented it, i am that bompton an martin king out here n furgy!!!

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