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The Endless Tides

Where did you go?
The stone cold souls
have taken the day
and I can’t stand to hear
another one of their dead words
rockslides against my eardrums.
Where did you go?
I’m lost in a hazy world
Mickey Mouse and Goofy hosts
patronized by a skull numb with banal
topics wrought with hi-dee-ho
and twinkie mentality
sick with the heavy stink of wasted breath.
Where did you go?
I need you now more then ever
I think that I will drown
in the dead half cooled lava
of vomited worthless mouthings.

Here I am, you shithead.
I went away to the higher supermarket
to the place of great big nothings
served up with heapings of absolutes
and golden promises.
I never left
I just fade away to nothing
when minds become granite
so I can hear great things
from the maws of noble monsters
and this drowns out the noise of the afflicted.
Let me tell you of my vision, then sit down and shut up:

The sea of restlessness
sways heavy with the multitudes
they walk as in waves
rock and sway to the endless tides.

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  1. The higher supermarket, a place of great big nothings. Sounds like a place I frequent. Nice write.

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