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Sofia’s Dream

For Sofia Coppola

The epitome of serenity
lies just beneath the foot of me
sashaying through the sweet, clean grass
White linen bathes my skin
my loose hair dancing in the wind
billowy clouds, how silently they pass

Oh Mozart!
take my heart
dance playfully and light about my mind
Mandolin disrupts the wind
glint of sunshine blinds my eye
fat, sumptuous grapes exploding on the vine

Brie, bordeaux, wild strawberries
fill the bounty set in front of me
my avid hunger puts me to the test
To my woolly lamb, how safe I am
amongst the wheat so tall and tan
as I hold him firm and snug against my breast

Take me home
thatched roof and stone
the proud gazebo stands beyond the stream
My duvet of straw and hay ;
my eyes they close, my body lay
to lose myself inside Sofia’s dream.

My impression after viewing Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

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  1. well that was quite an impression. this poem stands head and shoulders above all that I’ve read of your work. make sure you copy and save this one.

  2. Thank you so much. This movie was chock full of some of the most beautiful imagery!

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