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Something Solid

You tell yourself to wrap your head around something solid,
So you touch your arm-
But it’s only so solid, and only for so long….
Tonight a sipping ocean’s energy seems to captivate my being,
Like the soft slapping of the leaves against each other in the wind- those ornaments still connected, that have yet to fall in the storms-
Making for a lovely melody for the crickets who twinkle on in stride….
It’s true you know, as the saying has been spoken- ” There’s no accomplishment in being inherently attractive”,
Although one who smiles draws them near,
A tear can stir the soul,
And the reflections of the soul in the creases on a face tell stories that can evoke sentiment beyond words;
Your smile passed along-
Becomes a beauty that graces the face of others-
Painting the world with your loving energy so many times over..

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