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Soul Fire and Brimstone Licorice

Taunting; you do it well,
Anger; within your skin wrapped self,
And a frisky bird coyly remembers,
What occurred that mid morn September,
And somewhere an alarm goes off,
Without a hand to smack the pause,

I close my eyes and think on this,
And fiery lips bloom fresh mist,
As fresh paint slowly, longingly drips,
Slumbering below a swollen red eclipse,

Twilight dew moisturizers my cracked, set aside being,
As nature’s plastic bubble secures the relentless teething,
In my head you skip and jump,
Running the ball and doing dunks,
Where does that leave my sanity good ole boy?
Is this just a melting mind’s hop scotch ploy?

Never meaning to curse your path,
And always knew you were far from trash,
Now what in the name of Jesse James,
Are your reasons for of what I complain?

Not obsessing- well maybe a squiggle,
Inking it out helps calm heart jiggles,
Awake again like all past times before,
Are you yet satisfied you’ve settled the score?
I can’t see that face without a residual arsenic taste,
Falling further down the rabbit hole in haste…

And she looks chaste,
Yet was robbed of grace,
In a red Fredrick’s corset unlaced,

Stopping now,
A shivering breeze doth chill,
As your heart in darkness feels mine’s spill,
Oh white room
And bearded moon-
Flash me a crack or a glinting crater by June,
I just found my bible
and an organ that’s viable,
As a pipeline bursts,
In an abandoned church,
And a poor man is sleeping,
As the ceiling starts creaking…

The world is on and never off,
Each side takes grave shift then the day time scoff,

Your words bother blogging pro poets-
It’s up for debate- whether or not they’ll ever own up to it…

As my scattered brain paints irresponsibly,
Dabbling lightly in a locked drawer chassis,

And the commercial girls are so receptive,
egotistical and unrepentant,
While others ponder inner battles-that soul sour stench of a heart unkempt,

Shake me up with sincere omnipotence
As the graveled years’ stations burn flat to the fence,
And a singed aroma of skunk fills our passages,
An odd sour sweetness that’s undefinable in paint mixture,

And I can’t stop letting you take to the road,
Where would you go if you couldn’t let go?,
With a hollowing thistle your loose lips attempt to whistle,
And the wind’s mind changes course- as one contemplates grocery store florists,
Where were those petals in the eves when ‘flutterbies’ dwelled?,
That’s how I wonder,
As I hear morning owls ‘mice plunder’,

Whilst home taking me back,
To that growing tree under lashed-
Universe speak to me,
Squeak to me,
Full and long,
Sing to me a glazed harmonious song,
Help me blend mine with our round crust’s tears,
And steer me towards overcoming False Evidence Appearing Real FEARS,
Teach me how to digest that pineapple skin simply,
Whilst wearing a Happy Birthday smile upon my filthy,
Even those squinting glasses reflect back to me,
Pulling me into quicksand as ancient serendipity,
I can see your recreations from my wobbly throne,
Yet you keep stockpiling your dank throwing stones,
With citrus stick cuffs,
And antelope husks-
You discriminate loudly amidst character of un trust,
While sandals stand in balls of yarn undone,
Anxiety roommates, waiting for the other boot to ruin the fun,

With a sour-ball stare glazing my compressed organs so clear,
Your smile twitching with unbidden cheers,
Designing dandruff,
In a hurry of standup,
To tilt their weighing advice,
As they ignore their own lice,
And that timeless face on that clock on the wall,
Is ricocheting my mortality with each thundering click and fall,
In a scalding hot winter,
Portraying hushed whimpers,
I lie there flat on the water below deck on my back,
With haunting bedtime stories in thigh high messy stacks,
With each memory of each turn turned to trap,
Hunting valiantly with my tool hitched to the left of my lap,
And with twine-making resins neatly equipped,
I glance about in the hush of a conversation in the bud nipped,

The sky kissed breeze feels light on my being,
Traveling that Matrix road bent on believing,
Those star crossed quirks are what the universe thrives on,
And off cliffs is where pride and cockiness drives you off,
Maybe one day the puzzle will come full circle,
As we face down our demons from the comfort of our flag poles,
Until then my mind wanders as listless rusty dust,
As I pave my soul deeper with nature’s rich fresh musk,
And when clouds appear in my cherry blossom air,
I’ll smile in the face of heart and soul litigation-
With integral convictions raised strong since incubation

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