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Taste of Fame

The prince and the pauper,
Your looney-bin father,
The petrichor in your nose,
A bleeding poet oozing soul,
Bangles and tambourines light the way-
To be a star on a talk show today,
Kiss some frogs and feed the dog,
Serve yourself some sizzlin’ bacon hog,
Your Keystone cans-a brilliant pyramid,
“A flare of Hitchcock within you kid”,

Grab the overalls
And light the wick,
Don’t worry Doll- the charges won’t stick.
Booze it up with your name brand water,
Staying locked down is what pain has brought her.

She may seem unimaginable from where you speculate-
Perhaps someday you’ll stumble-
And into a similar Hell you’ll maybe also skate.

A frenemy of dainty magnitude-
Searing your pages with distinct, hostile attitude.

You might never feel this cold-
Like your ‘Titanic ticket’ you just sold.
Don’t think you know my state of mind,
A sweeter heart you might not find.

I’m not your plaything for you to mishandle,
Clear the gutter cobwebs from your biological mantel.

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