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A Useless Nothing of Words.

May I begin by assuring you that nothing you will read here is important. There is no poem here, nothing worth your time. It is simply a useless nothing of words. Now, I have told you that there is no reason for you to read this, yet you are still reading, knowing perfectly well that you are performing a pointless act. Why? I will tell you why. You are still reading simply because you have the ability to do so, because there are words here. You see the words themselves almost as a command, or instruction. You know that words are for reading, so you read them. This is something I find rather interesting, as it is a power that only words have. You do not eat simply because there is food. You do not walk simply because there is a road. Yet, you are still reading this, knowing that there is no reason, simply because there are words. Or maybe you are reading this simply to find a reason to read it. I think that we, as humans, want everything to have a purpose, a reason to be. It makes us feel that we, ourselves, have a purpose. And yet, you will finish reading this, go about your day, and find that it did not impact you in any way.  It is utterly, and completely pointless. You may think that you were impacted, that you are now full of a new idea, but you will simply store the information in your head, and leave exactly the same. Nothing in your life will change, nothing will happen. Your reading this simulates your own life. You live in search of a reason to live, not fully accepting that there is no reason. If you had accepted that this writing had no purpose, you would have stopped reading it. Yet here you are. Still reading, still looking for a purpose. There must be something here worth reading, some reason that this was written and exists, you tell yourself.  But there isn’t one. When you think about it, nothing has a purpose, really. But that won’t keep you from looking for one, because you are human. I am the one who just wrote this, and yet I too will continue subconsciously looking for reasons. Now you have finished your pointless act,  were you able to make up a reason?

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  1. The only reason I continued on, was because of the effort you put into writing it.

    I still enjoyed the thought.

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