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Through The Void

Through the Void
Your voice resides
Is there a reason for it?
I’ve yet to discover
If there is merit in life
No one can truly say
But life cant be worthless
Shells are made to e empty
And yet many claim as such
Without trying to fill that space
Including myself, no drive
Yet with all the hallowed noise
Your voice resides
Piercing like an arrow
I still know not the source
Nor a reason for such a source
You’re but a fleeting memory
Of a past life, a former incarnation
Of a “weaker” being
Than what currently encompasses the shell

All I learned from you
Was the pain of attachment
Physically I have let go,
With no desire of returning
But something calls for me
To right my wrongs
Bring you back into the fold
Run into the comfort of your arms
The innocence of it all
The ever so naive youthfulness of that time
That wasn’t so long ago, yet the difference is day and night
And might as well be eternity

You know me better than anyone
After all, I told you everything
Tried to offer support, and have others do the same
Now no one else is left, all pushed away
Or pulled by something stronger that you couldn’t control
Your previous desire to follow your dreams
Have fallen to the wayside
Like a tidal wave losing its push
You let the outside world
Break you and shape you and make you
Into something you are not
Careless, cold, unforgiving, a hallow shell
A phoenix with it’s feathers all burnt out
Smoldering in its own ash
Unwilling to light back up
You need that fire again
Go and find that flame
Bring the voice back into your life
Fill that shell with the life you once had
Or else it’ll crack, along with whats left of your spirits
You must

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