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If your heart is,
in fact,
as delicate as you
claim it to be;


Why then do you
choose to drag it
through the mud?



I’m confused.





If you’re in control,
when you say,
you’ve got this all


Why then do you
succumb to all
of your fears?



She’s abused.





It would appear
that somehow
you’re covering;


For a person,
the likes of which
you once despised.








It all came to an
abrupt end –
on this night.


Layin’ motionless
on the floor,
is the deceased –
his wife.



He’s accused.



-rome ©2017

Published inMain


  1. Like the playing with form, “escalates” into a dark piece.

  2. Ugh. I’m learning a lot from You, man. What an idea and what an immaculate display of escalation. Another truly solid entry!!

    • I don’t know how much you’re learning from me, but it’s an honor to be of any assistance to you.

      Like I’ve always said, you’re one of the few who’s word’s inspire me to write better.

      I enjoy that challenge. Call me competitive.. But I’d hope that other’s feel the same.

      Thank you, my friend!

  3. midnightrain

    First thing i noticed was the layout of your poem and when I read your piece, it went so perfectly with it. Also, you depicted such a brutal truth, it hurt to read. I know people like that and it’s so scary to think of it as a reality but unfortunately it is for many.

    • As advertised, & as you probably already know, I write from experiences.

      Unfortunately, this is one of them.
      I’ll never pretend to understand why people do these hideous things. Even the decent ones make grave mistakes. No pun intended.

      Thank you, for the kind word’s.

  4. This was an adventure filled drama poem for me…like “what will happen next?!” Kept me glued to the screen till the very end. What a way to capture your readers. Great job!

      • Appreciated the kind word’s, Dani!

    • Thank you, J-rid!
      Happy to hear that it moved you like that.

  5. this is a short piece but has a great deal of ideas and a different style from all poems ive been seeing….well thought out Sir.

    • Thanks so much!
      I’m glad you took the time to read, & comment.

      Appreciate you!

    • Thank you for saying that, my friend!

      Mixing it up, is something I’ve been focusing on. Glad it’s to your liking.

  6. NB NB

    you use a lot of words even when you don’t xD and that’s a great thing.. the imagery is striking, and the storytelling so unique in this piece.. i don’t have much to say, but the poem does.. great stuff! 🙂

    • Isn’t it funny how, sometimes, less is more?

      I don’t think I could duplicate this if I tried.

      It just came together that way.
      In fact, I went back after it was completed & added everything in bold.. Because it felt too simplistic.

      I can’t thank you enough, for always giving such positive critiques. It feels so good, knowing we’re on the same page, without ever having to speak on these pieces.

      Appreciate you!

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