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In all the world there’s just one place
Where people’s lives are filled with grace
Where a person’s life is filled with trust,
Where protection of their legal rights is a must
And the people elect the rulers they trust

Justice and personal freedom are rare
In a world where many leaders don’t care
About moral values and the people’s welfare
Where family life and a person’s pride
Are trampled underfoot if they don’t abide

Here in our road trip across America, religions are respected and free
To practice their beliefs just as they see
And here in America, education for all
is a goal that we’ve set, and though it hasn’t been met,
We’re on our way, on this you can bet

We have a beautiful land, and we’re fortunate indeed
That our ancestors were smart and brave enough
To seek freedom in a new land even thought it was rough,
And in many wars American solders have died
To preserve this freedom that’s our greatest pride.

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  1. Our country has a lot of issues but I say it’s still one of the greatest on earth. Good job with this fine tribute.

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