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Cyrus is Dead!

About my time to shine,
is writin’ rhymes a sign?
A win at wintertime?
respect this win o’ mine

Back when I was young
Little Cyrus G up in the buildin’
where the dealers sought to plot a killin’

The daily grind’s a given,
the pain that I’d been feelin’
The past I’m reminiscin’,
soon as I put the tape in

I saw the weather changin’,
a hero to a villain
Enough to fail the mission,
enough to fail.

On the daily try to cook
somethin’ remotely good
up in the kitchen
No havin’ fun, I fantasize
about the single women

Rhymes ain’t what they used to be,
ain’t no gettin’ used to me
I dream lucidly
and I learn the lesson conclusively

Twisted recital, survival is vital
This inner violence destabilizes
that inner idol

No dilly dally when I call,
seven-figure sale with
Heaven and Halle by my side,
Cali gals in the house! They called it…

Cali vibe..  Carivibe!

Drinkin’ with soldiers,
never sober up
We circle just like vultures 
we’re supposed to bring the culture up

The God needin’ praisin’
like it’s prayin’ season
My mind’s runnin’ wild
like murder without a reason

Oh well!

A revolution of students
envision lesser tuition
My intuition is pointin’
towards a vision of visitin’ heaven

Catchin’ fallin’ angels in bed,
gettin’ lucky with triple sevens,
jackpot hittin’ my head – good lord!

Put my faith in the
good book to kill the evil
Premeditated, the devil’s afraid
to come and see me

Makin’ him sick with a cough,
I keep it rough
My words should be televised
but I’m thinkin’ that ain’t enough

It ain’t enough.

Co-habitate with the
wicked and twitchin’ evil dead

Rabid deserters now salivate,
aimin’ to take my head

Dreaded, I’d rather be fed,
bad habit, now castin’ ballots
tippin’ my hat to a leader
eager to break the bread.


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  1. Relic

    It’s the mark of a good poet that can tell a story in poetical form without losing the audience. You have a gift for words. You’re able to go from verse to verse and make it look easy. As for me, it takes a lot longer than it used to. 🙂

    Great writing Cyrus.

    • Hey Relic – I appreciate you for stopping by and checking this out. I’m so glad that I hadn’t lost you throughout this adventure, and bending words is such a passion of mine! And hey, to each his or her own pace. That’s why I champion the poetry of others, including you! So thank you 🙂

    • Haha happy to hear from you, Leo. Thanks again for reading 🙂 Roar!!

  2. This is got to be a favorite of mine. You did your thing on this one. The flow was lit! Great job on this splendid piece.

    • Thanks a lot for checking this piece out, Jarid! Yeah I enjoy cutting loose every once in a while, and it’s always great to test my capacity to play with words 🙂 I truly appreciate it, brother!

  3. NB NB

    sorry, man.. there’s so much I’d say about it, but I’m genuinely speechless.. & none of it would ever do this piece justice.. Long live Cyrus! (:

    • Haha, well the fact that you’ve stopped by to check it out already means the world to me, NB. Much appreciate you, brother – thanks a million.

  4. Well..
    You already know how I’ma react to this piece. But I’ma do it anyways. lol


    I find nothing more appealing than a great rhyme scheme. I just can’t get enough. And, before commenting, I’ve already read this three times.

    “The god needin’ praisin’
    like it’s prayin’ season
    My mind’s runnin’ wild
    like murder without a reason”

    Holy sh!t, Cy..


    • Oh snap – three straight reads?! I’m honored, man 🙂 No lie – I truly appreciate you stopping by and reading this. Nothing like letting go of structure and vocab for a bit to stretch some words haha. Thanks again, man!

  5. midnightrain

    Woah woah woah! Cy you are so good with your poetic voice and rhymes. This reads with such power and strength. Have you ever tried spoken word poetry? I’d think you’d be so good at it. Love this as always.

    • I was just reading one of YOUR recent works. It’s truly inspiring, Rain. But I thank you for checking this out. I have yet to try spoken word poetry, but I am absolutely open to it 🙂

  6. “The God needin’ praisin’
    like it’s prayin’ season
    My mind’s runnin’ wild
    like murder without a reason”


  7. I am thourough impressed by, & appreciate, your elegant & skillful ability to weave wonderful rhyme schemes. I really enjoyed this refreshing & inspiring creation.

    • Gosh I’m so taken aback by your kind words. Thank you very much 🙂

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