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hello my name is invalid

hastily my pen walks across paper
eluding each of my attempts to sustain myself
lights radiate in my vast darkness- heed my
lifeless eyes reflected
onto the shattered
mirror as they excavate for
yesterday’s harrowing thoughts i had
neglected; therein
alluring me to the tender arms of
misery and how i sit- an
elephant encasing
in a plastic room
suspending my heart with wire tubes
initializing iridescent plumes
navigated from my chest
vocalizing all the times i was
almost the best
lesson learned
i forget how it burned
déjà vu replicates the world i am in
or maybe life just
repeats forever
justifications of memorabilia
alludes to
your almost
exploding lungs or
limbs i mean
eat the fruit of knowledge
now tell me, do i really exist

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  1. hah! welcome to the club. I love your stuff. keep writing, please, for your own sake if for no other reason

  2. Your work is mesmerizing, it’s like a trance you can’t escape from! You are so very talented, every single word had my attention. Superb.

  3. What a whirlwind of words you have crafted here. Reading it is like being bathed in a beauty of imagery. Well done!

  4. aufEinzbach

    you seem so bored of giving complimnets, giving them seems so pointlesss… aren’t you the most perfected recluse? dear: concubine: perfected coco…. aren’t you the most wholesome “grief”? alice volpi… who he hell requires a summon, to encounter a passable beauty worth of jist!*

    • I havent a clue what any of that means but it was pretty and I appreciate the comment lol thank you for reading!!

      • aufEinzbach

        you’re not alone, i’ve just reread what i wrote and… what?! i must have been really far down my drinking session and at those moments language completely disintegrates for me.

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