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Thy Kingdom Come

Seeing crime everywhere.
I look around. I stop and stare.

Don’t know what this world’s become.
I pray above. Thy Kingdom come.

See that man? He is poor.
But they pass by. They slam the door.

Drugs and crime.
What else is new? Rape, war, abortion rules.

Stealing, killing, and false dealing.
Unclean foods prevent our healing.

Don’t know what this world’s become.
I pray above. Thy Kingdom come.

Hurricane, storm and bad weather.
Takes that much to bring together?

Come on now who are we fooling?
Rebuild it all to bring self-ruin.

See the rich take from the poor.
Have the wealth, but they want more!

I see it all. I hang my head.
Should I give up or fight instead?

Seeing crime everywhere.
I look around. I stop and stare.

Don’t know what this world’s become.
I pray above. Thy Kingdom come.

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  1. Relic

    You’ve expressed what I and a lot of people feel. Crime and depravity have reared their ugly heads long before we were even born. It’s a shame in this day and age it must continue like business as usual. I hate it. But the world keeps turning and we have to roll with it. I think poets tend to be more sensitive and can see more as well as feel more.

    Great poem.

    • I believe you are right. It appears poets are much more sensitive to the things around them as they take in what they see and feel and write it down. Appreciate your comments as this truly comes form my heart.

  2. This is an incredible ballad, and what a careful observation of our surroundings. When left and right look chaotic, and looking down is frowned upon, where else to look but up. Thy Kingdom Come. A real pleasure to read, brother!

    • Thanks bro. It’s part of my prayer, as a matter of fact, I pray, “Thy kingdom come” first, before I ask of anything else. Good hearing from you!

  3. NB NB

    if you were looking for an answer – “Should I give up or fight instead?” – I say fight, as should we all.. it’s quite a scary thought, when you realize the world’s been like this for most of its history, the only things changed being the methods of aggression.. we’ve basically institutionalized self-destruction, & organized everything on principles of efficiency, which means that one is “not worth” if he’s not a cog in the machine.. and the great change that’s been talked about for, now at least, 5 centuries has never truly happened.. which does not mean it’s impossible, just not easily achieved.. ahh, made me think again.. thanks for that, bro.. & thanks for sharing this piece.. the style was great 🙂

    • Yes, I’ll always fight. I am a warrior with the heart of a lion, but sometimes it’s tempting to give up. Sometimes I just need to rest because it’s a war with not only myself, but with what I see and hear all around me. Appreciate your feedback and the encouragement bro.

  4. If I didn’t see a lot of myself in this piece, I’d be lying. You killed this thought, bro!

    You’re rhyme scheme was on point. The flow was dope.. & I’m not gonna touch the message, ’cause you killed that as well.

    Impressive piece of writing, M’dude! ??

    Always a fan..

    • That means a lot. Didn’t take me long to write this one as I just flowed with my feelings in this one. Thank you for always supporting me!

  5. midnightrain

    This is the unfortunate truth. Our reality filled with so much darkness and it is no wonder to think if we should keep fighting or give up.

    But the answer to that is

    Yes. Keep fighting. Always. 🙂

    • You’re right. Life has its ups and downs but as long as we set our sail on the right course we can make it through the waves of trails and tribulation. Thank you for your kind feedback! <3

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