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In this room where movements fade
I found scattered pieces of me
Crystal shards, now left behind
From my digital insanity
Was the pain worth it…? now that I’ve come
To understand
& will I manage to get through
Now that I know it’s not the end


The old myths have told no lies
But somewhere there’s a hidden point
Never clear, never deciphered
The cells begin to break
& with every part of what I was
That they had to disjoint
I realize it’s one more painful journey
That now I must take


Is it fair, to you
That there never was an heir
The game’s over, & I remain the chosen one
Through me, life will explode
To choke me
If you know the story where father killed the son


All that I was, I envy now
But never I’d try to return
I’ve forgotten how to rest
& I don’t know how to burn
All that I was is an image
A story to tell
All that I am now is within you
The 9th circle of hell


The day when the Earth died
I saw us all, holding the gun
Aiming at the moonlight
Or that was just false memory
Of the version of story
in which the father killed the Sun


My soul for sight I wished to trade
But never found the final piece
In this room where movements fade
& frozen bodies beg release



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  1. Damn, dude!
    I couldn’t imagine an ending like this.
    Which bugs the hell out of me.. haha

    You’ve got this gift, that I’ve yet to find within myself. I’m not even sure it exists, to be honest.

    You make it look so easy.

    “The day when the Earth died
    I saw us all, holding the gun
    Aiming at the moonlight
    Or that was just false memory
    Of the version of story
    in which the father killed the Sun”

    This wordplay is sheer genius. There’s no other explanation. Damn..

    • NB NB

      I think that gift you mention is what I asked you about a few days ago, but couldn’t find the words for it haha

      this piece was what I was missing to complete a bigger story & I just had to put everything good in it that I didn’t think of before, so here it is xD

      thanks so much for the review.. means everything πŸ™‚

  2. I can’t place my finger on it, NB, but you had once, years ago, written about the theme of one being enclosed in a room full of void, and I’m so glad to see this theme being explored again! Within this painting, “in which the Father killed the sun” is undoubtedly the most stunning moment of it. Brilliance, through and through!

    • NB NB

      “In this room, devoid of light
      Once sought shelter & release
      I found unrest, when the night
      With the silence was at peace”

      I knew you’d be the one to remember that.. they’re both a part of the same story, which is pretty long to be talked about now, but I guess you get the idea from this poem..

      there was another thing you could notice, the story of “father killing the son” in one of my newer pieces, which is the main “strategy” i’ve been using in making a concept – making references in order to show which poems are connected to each other, so that the overall story is more detailed & clear..

      thanks for the review, bro.. I appreciate it :)))

  3. You are beyond your years when it comes to writing. You seem to do this with such ease. There’s so much one can learn just by reading your poetry. You say some things that haven’t even crossed my mind and there’s so much I’ve yet to learn to become a better poet myself. Said all of that to say you’re an inspiration and the skies the limit for you. Good job on this splendid piece.

    • NB NB

      that must be one of the nicest things I’ve heard about my work.. thanks, bro.. I do hope to help others learn as much as I’ve learned on here… I really appreciate it! πŸ™‚


    • NB NB

      thanks, Leo.. more coming soon πŸ™‚ ROAR!!!

  5. midnightrain

    I love love love the play on words here–
    “the father killed the son”
    “the father killed the Sun”

    Ahhhh so good!! I went back and read it all again.
    I’m in awe but that is nothing new because your pen has always held words of pure gold.

    • NB NB

      words of pure gold – can I use that phrase to describe your comment? πŸ˜€ thank you.. It’s always a pleasure to hear from one of my favorites πŸ™‚

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