To truly live in reality is to know your future, and what fun is that?


I got a sense of calmness when I saw your face.

Reminded me of a weeping willow,


Into a river

You could cry me a river

I would do everything I could

To drown in it,

Tie a brick to my foot.

Somewhere in between your reality and mine

Branches reaching out but never quite touching.

What’s it like?

Living in the real world,

Because I don’t live in the real world,

Never really been interested in taking part

In reality.

Not until I saw you,

Saw the only way to you was to

Pull myself out of my mind and be whole,

But when I do… oh my god my bones…

They come alive send signals to my soul,

Feels like poision in my veins

My legs shake, my eyes roll

I fall back into my head,

No way to you and our connection is dead.

What’s it like?

Being awake, knowing your way

Planning your next step, rarely forget.

Because I’m always sleeping.

Always day dreaming

Don’t know what it’s like to

Understand how I’m feeling

Don’t know how to stop vomiting adrenalin

When I hear my name, or my name, or my name.

I’ve searched every part of my mind,

Trying to find answers and

All I can figure out is that we are infinant,

We are cell, we are planet, we are universe

And that is what my knowledge consists of.

The only other thing I find in there

are people, characters and they are everywhere.

I see pieces of their faces,

Try to fit them together like puzzle pieces and

Hey, that one kind of looks like you

Except his eyes are brown, and yours are blue

And he speaks to me.

Why don’t you speak to me?

Is it because you’re too afraid of my reality,

Or am I too afraid of yours?

You’ve glimpsed into my head a few times before.

What’s it like?

Seeing clearly, thinking clearly.

Because to me, everything is just fuzzy,

Like particles trying to piece together

My imagination into a breathing figure.

The truth is, you think I’m crazy.

Huh, figures.

What’s it like?

Being sane?

As if even you know.

Is your reality even reality?

Is anyone’s?


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