Endless Possibilities


There it is, near the outer edges of your eyes,
the dimly flickering light
that draws my affection
and captures my gaze,
like a shooting star,
such stellar beauty,
it calls my heart
to abode in every phase
of who you are.

There it is, resting atop the precipice of your sorrow,
a hauntingly familiar song,
drifting in and out of the coastal breeze,
joining the ocean air
as it softly sings
of a love
that beckons my soul
to join in the melody
that ascends to the heavens
upon wings of songful doves.

There’s a subtle sense
of nostalgia,
strewn across a landscape
of unmet expectations,
and love lost,
and it fills the deepest spaces
of my heart,
and the lonely places in my soul
like the smell
of sweet honeysuckle,
opens to fill the evening air,
it draws me
to the enticing aroma
of possibility.


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