Attack Of The Roaches


I went to a friend’s house just the other day.
I tell you that place I would not rather stay.

The roaches are bad; they take over the place.
Let me tell you the story…it all happened this way.

When it was time to eat, I looked around.   What the hell!
This place seemed to be loaded with a bunch of roach motels.

So we ate our food, for more my friend begged.
But something troubled me; something crawling up my leg.

It was a cockroach! I jumped up and misbehaved.
So what else was there to do, but reach for a can of raid.

I tried to spray the thing, running after it like a soldier.
It ran into a hole, but peaked out saying,”This isn’t over!”

I went back to the table…that episode gave me the creeps.
But heck I was hungry, so I returned to my place to eat.

What I saw next put me in a sour mood.
A roach was giving thanks and proceeded to eat my food!

Well so much for dinner, I’ll call it a night and brush my teeth.
I flicked on the light, there he was, “Aaah,  so again we meet!”

“I told you this isn’t over,” then he flew towards my face.
I ducked and I took off running in a panic haste.

This roach seemed determined as he flew towards me.
“If I don’t get you now, I will get you while your asleep.”

“Every step and move you make, you’ll think of only me.
I’ll pop up when you least expect it, count on that, hehehe.”

I confronted my friend telling him, “This house the roaches rule…”
I went to say more, but he interrupted, “Silence you fool!”

“Our roaches aren’t that bad…” but suddenly he let out a scream.
A roach crawled in his shorts, now he’s coming apart at the seams.

I was laughing so hard at him that I was turning blue.
Suddenly I stopped laughing, because by my ear something flew.

It was that flying cockroach, so like a running-back I ran.
This was too much for me to take, more than I could stand.

I ran out the house and said enough is enough.
If my friend don’t want to be friends no more, then oh well, tough!”

This story was a fiction, but this truth may hurt.
You see a roach, there are more, so make a diligent search.

Don’t be a victim. Please be safe and whatever you do…
don’t let a bunch of no good roaches get the best of you!

To be continued.


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