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Mental Exploration

Bringing awareness to the reality of our existence. Our being. Our true nature. We compute. We program. But how do we reprogram? The never ending game of tug a war- with our subconscious prevailing. Years and years of conditioning- we have forgot our ability to self-educate. How do we compare the power of our conscious vs. subconscious thought? We perceive negative programming within the conscious state- decisions are made to change our ways. Conflict is created.

Picture a soccer game where one team (conscious thought) has 12 players. Another team (subconscious thought) 88. Outnumbered. Fear. Defeat sets in.

BUT WAIT- what if I told you the trick to winning is tapping into our innocence. Our inner child. Our theta brainwave frequency. Through the frequency of theta may we return the subconscious to the frequency of growth and change. May we open the door to victory and return our mentality to the purity of our divine child essence.

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