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Basketball Superstar

desperate times leads to desperate measures wth whom do you treasure

we mix words in the street still trying to repeat moving ahead to the walking dead

a canopy of dreams inside of me together you will see a whole of of brevity

he ain’t heavy he’s my brother cruising down the avenue in full bloom

honking horns some may twist to curse the day they were actually born

wait your turn with the mic in my hand got one foot stuck in the frying pan

I’m working on my legacy come and sit next to me in my field of dreams


basketball superstar took his grill down to the mall now he stands ten feet tall

decisions we all make them friend we need all grow to depend got the hoop dreams

my bitch she be working at Dairy Queen to the extreme I rock the mic like a vandal

blowing up chops like Goldie Locks we drop a line or two nothing borrowed nothing blue

folks today don’t have a clue they are stuck as glue wash your hands to avoid the flu

got fresh rhymes for 2018 got to keep it real paying all those bills with cheap thrills


Rap ain’t like it used to last I check they was frying a rooster but who are they anyways

Depression is a disease will knock you to your knees stop spreading its disease

what are we willing to achieve we neglect all that hate call it fate but something runs deeper

we need folks like Barry White taking the mood higher blown up in fullest desire

some will fade out with a noose around their neck what the heck they neglect

getting stuck in the middle playing a game of second fiddle watch the dunk but neglect the dribble…


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