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Dance of the Little Yellow

You dance in the wind ,
Little yellow flower,
You don’t know,
But your beauty is your power,
With purples,
With reds,
With posies and pansies,
Without a care,
Your colours are prancing,
How you dance
Oh , how you dance,
But oh when the wind fades and you come to a stop,
The wind is the only thing to stop,
Your colours just keep dancing.

Verse 2
In the night ,
You fend of the frights,
The weeds in their evil creeds,
Jealousy beside them ,
Their only redemption,
To cruelly strangle,
But even there,
Your petal stare,
Throws their danger to the winds,
The foreign pests,
Could be depressed,
But even they can prance,
Like little yellow,
In equal colour,
They can join the dance.

Verse 3
Emerald grass,
Black soil,
No human dares to ask,
All forces of nature,
How do you retain such beauty,
Little yellow ,
Mellow yellow,
Is alight like the sun in glory,
But to hide away,
He must do,
Because picked would he be if humans found he,
Such unfair fate but in evenings late,
He does see over the moors and at the great sun,
His eyes find the sight fun,
His colours they skim him whole,
His gorgeous green stem,
His yellow petal hem,
And his middle,
Orangutan orange ,
Such a sight in great light,
But soon all flowers must fall,
In a last dance ,
He withers with no prance,
And becomes one with the life profiting dirt,
Though his dance is none,
He is not truly gone,
As the ground he inhabits,
Is not just for rabbits,
But the flowers that continue his song.

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