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The Party of the Shadows

The Party of the Shadows

The eyes of the world,
The break of infinity,
Space for entity,
Flame unfurled,
The shadows stalk,
At dawn they talk,
They pop a cork,
And to a party,
They walk,
The path under the trees,
And in this party,
They are with glee,
As there are no extra fees,
The only rule is they can only come,
Evenings sun and nights moon,
And that what they love always comes soon,
So invite the beasts,
Prepare the feast,
And let the shadows come,
Expect more than some,
Because what the eyes see,
Attached to the themselves,
Attached the trees,
They near,
In the eyes of the world.

It is so glorious as they all arrive,
Humans would likely fear,
Such strange sight,
As others might shed a tear,
Fireworks go off,
With explosions like Molotov,
And as they eat the meat,
Drink the beer,
They share laughs,
And show each other drafts,
Of their new upcoming shadow plays,
The sun goes down,
And the shadows dissapear,
But at the break,
The new light,
A crown of the moon,
Looks to reanimate,
At the break of infinity.

Like a new era has sprang,
Night begins again,
The music of the trees start,
The stars coerce joy,
And the owls deploy,
All animals come,
They awake to dance and to prance all the way through,
The shadows live now,
And their amazing dance has begun once more to how it does every night,
What a glorious life,
After their jobs of being the attachment of sun shrouded items,
They get their release,
And all families come,
Descendants of the moon,
Descendants of the sun,
They live now,
With no fear,
They are forever and death is only a word as they reincarnate to every other sun in the universe and back,
In their life’s there is space for entity,
But they would never want an idol to tear each other apart.

And it is as the shadows return home as everything sleeps ,
And the shadows do too,
Their short sleeps are all they need to continue again the next night,
This lovely, amazing time,
And to their rhythm of songfulness,
The community shows compassion to each other,
Under greatest cover,
Of moons and suns,
And to wake when the sun comes up,
Flame unfurled,
Casting the light that fuels the shadows hearts.

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