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Gone to the Sea

Gone to the sea,
You say
Its treasure is its pearly glimpse,
In sun as our boat passes,
Little fish,
They shimmer,
But when the clouds are full of rage and they can’t turn any peaceful page,
The waves crash with a foamy finish,
Drooling as they hunger for our wooden ship,
On the beach ,
Sand on our feet,
Slipping between our toes,
We watch as the sailor rows,
And waves with rod in hand,
We listen to country bands at night,
Watching them on a small stage,
As we enjoy heat from a beach bonfire,
Never too late to watch them,
It goes on and on and on,
The next day,
Dry with heat,
We refresh ourselves in the warm beats,
Cold lemonade then out to surf the sea,
The day is short and when heading back,
I look back at my sand fort,
It will be swept away,
But that is the power and joy of the sea.

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