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Super Mario William Vitale

some where out of the gravy and green lies a corporate scheme to watch freedom ring
there walks a weight..a liar to scream left out for bozo scream pillow chime to sing,
we are the utmost of radiant light in chamber swing filter left from a design with king
Super Mario William Vitale come join the party out for a desire burning house to swing

Vitale, crushed the minute of seclusion draft out my window
eager to let go…walk out the way we used by the pillow
Super Vitale, he sets the window keeping it cool
radiate blowing from the Pie A plate,

darkened billows change the outcome vent
he runs the streets so don’t let go
a star is right
sticks and stones

change the fire,
window brace the immense hold
walk on the beach lay hold of the oceanic hold
place to whine down suppose

care for the next episode

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