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Unending Praise

Get down on it now its time to listen to my rhyme
A word spread it if you already heard about two lovers
As birds drifting way up to the sky I sing a sweet lulabye
The pair went out for burger and fries but after to their surprise
Police came in for the free coffee and one was undercover
Saw my 9 in my pocket got so scared i ran and dropped it
The chase was on with my girlfriend in the next seat
Running every red light along the street
Next we eventually got pulled over and we were both in trouble
The undercover cop was her last lover
Was it any wonder are faces blown up like Stevie Wonder
Doing time in cell block number 9 guy named Bubba looking at my behind
Yet I had a plan of escape some call it fate through a trapped door in the floor

Took my time to dig a little more deeper then I made my run for it
No one around they really didn’t give a shit but i made my way to the outside
Blazing lights but thank God i was still alive
Jumped over the barbed wire fence and slashed my wrist but I kept running
Luckiliy I knew the streets and had a friend pick me up with a definite plan
Headed South down on interstate 91 made my run all the way to Mexico
Still I didn’t know which way i should go I’m was a fugitive after all
Got hired as a field hand but I night I would again toss and turn with a definite plan
Got tired of that with low wage pay so I stayed selling dope for some runners
In time I was broke again made my way to a tiny little chapel
Minister was there to tell me his deep secret anout Jesus
Took him at his word but I never told him where I came from cause I knew he wouldn’t understand
Yet at that moment I gave my heart & life to serving Jesus Christ that’s when everything turned out all nice
For my life was lead behind the squeeky wheel thinking things were no big deal
Until I was face down on my knees now I could spread this lovingly disease so happily
No, I never did get caught but perhaps i will in due time ?
Learned a valuable lesson that I’m now confessing of straight and narrow or your soul gets cast

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