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Mindfulness II

look deep in my eyes you shall see the karma of my lasting legacy willing to achieve

took a zip line down to my baby’s grind sought out peace for a sure fire sweet relief

rolling them bones in the back of the joint have a 5th in my hand you all understand

made my first grand at the tender age of thirteen washing dishes busy as a bee

come and sit neck to me a story of a homeboy being capped in the knee


there’s a whole host of rubbers when your in trouble make my Martini strong on the double

just like Fred & Barney Rubble need to keep your head up no its not some set up

wear your Sundays best yes life is a big test but now we rest

flirting with fire blowing it up in the most fullest desire coming down to the wire

music is in my blood just like a cow chews on its cud kinda sweep some things under the rug


there’s magic in the music scene rolling out the red carpet like a village queen

living in a land so very mean got one foot in heaven the others in hell

but I got a good story to tell two rappers in the night looking so bad for a fight

one hand on the mic the other on the floor sweep blood off the floor sweeping for more

plenty plenty stop shopping at J.C Penney spinning records the best way they can


soaring to new heights that is their right a good cause to focus filled with cement shoes singing the blues

Freddie Mercury died of aids but he isn’t a distant memory folks come sit next to me

there’s a promise that’s made in the dark coming to its fullest light

bitter sweet liqour the bitch was holding my finger don’t call me late for dinner


it’s a crowning achievement to stay in the zone you maybe home all alone

try to be mindul stay in the moment when you take a shower feel the warmth on your back

here the birds chirping outside the smell of the perfume scent love the decor of the room

treasure a red rose that was plucked a time before you gave your old lady making gravy

not to shady we meet in the middle playing second fiddle as you may dribble

things come and go but this much I know we bust up the beat to promote the tempo




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