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Bitterness is a Poison

Turn the page,
Words of rage;
I’m on the wrong
side of broken,
and you put me here,
but I chose to stay.

I want to blame you,
Hate you, but I can’t shame you;
There’s something in the mirror,
it’s slowly becoming clearer,
you’re my highest low, my trigger.

I wish we’d never met,
You’re my living hell;
torturing my heart now a shell,
harsh words from the man that
once loved you without fail.

You’re a seven year wound,
I can’t figure out how to forgive,
this bitterness is a wickedness
brought to the surface by wordless rage.
I hate you.

Yet I still love you,
at least the memory of you;
before you changed,
personality rearranged,
I loved you as you were.

The ones hardest to love
Are the ones that need it most;
you rejected mine and buried your own,
carried us to the gravestone,
are you alone tonight?

The love turned to ache,
when you chose to forsake
me to my demons within;
do you think of me still,
or am I just a speck of your past?

I loved you.
I hate you.
And I don’t know how to let go.

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  1. Highly relatable piece.
    Well written, my friend!
    Thanks for sharing.

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