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Slowly running out of excuses
My existence feels like its running out of uses
Open me up and look inside till you’re not hungry anymore
Swallow my dignity and my worth
Swallow my dignity.Take away the price I have been given at birth
Rip off my price tag and tear me apart
First, rip my sleeves off and then reach for the heart

I thought this would make things better
I’ll tell you I’m wetter
Than the ocean.
And you’ll take 4 seconds to assure me of your devotion
But why me
Why do you feel like it’s okay to say I’m hot?
Hotter than your pulsing rage to get what you want and not
Ask me how I am
You don’t care
You don’t know me and next week you won’t think of me
And you won’t remember me
But I’ll remember the feeling of filth

I’ve felt this way before.
I feel it every time
And it’s hard to make this rhyme with
‘I am a whore’
For a while untouched but seen
And looked at and watched
And you’re not here but I can feel your drool on my skin.
So, the impurity isn’t physical
I feel dirty within
And my mind shapes your face into another sin
And another person who wasn’t looking for worthy
You were looking for easy

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  1. Another very deep & gripping write.
    If only we could all realize how silly living to chase flesh is.
    I guess it makes sense since there are not really any great mainstream role models.
    May the world soon wake from its slumber,
    And may you keep sharing your mind through creative expression.
    Tfs, friend.

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