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Damaged Goods

Rest, sit down remove that little frown
Forget the headache and the feeling that makes you faint
Everything is dull and blurred I’m talking but it doesn’t even sound like an English word
t-that bun is coming back up bring it back in swallowing mouth feels dry like a rubbish bin
shaking, shivering, trembling like a ticking time bomb I shout and want to be let out
I’m trapped and disconnected What even am I? I feel like I’m flying through the sky
Whilst I emotionally drown they assume teenage angst and want me to keep the noise down
Everyone else I knew from the past had left
Some by their own choice and others I’d prefer to forget
But I’m not out of the closet yet even if I already have my future career goals set
I want an answer I want to be reset instead I’m moving about like a jet
Energy draining, eyes hazy some would assume I’m being lazy
Let me go leave me alone leave me be delusions is all I see
I don’t fit here it’s not a phase that will eventually clear
I am the vulture preying on my own demons
I have more in common with creatures some don’t even believe in
You don’t know how to cut off my strings you are stressing my mind out with more eventful things
Grown so apathetic crying is a rare occurrence
Music, books and media clean out my thoughts
I’m just damaged goods from the local brain shop

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  1. I certainly feel your frustration and pain in this writing.
    Keep writing, let it all out. 🐝

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